Anxiety Therapy in Frederick, MD

There are many types of anxiety according to the DSM. Anxiety itself is frequently described as persistent worry and fear with regard to people and events that occur in our lives. When anxiety strikes, it takes on a one dimensional form of pain – it must somehow be remediated.

I have found that most anxiety, with the exception of trauma anxiety, is the result of giving greater credence to the opinions of others then to ones self. This results in a sense of low self esteem and inferiority. In order to combat this problem and successfully re-mediate ones anxiety the four pillars of courageous authenticity are highly effective.
Of course this puts a lot of pressure on the individual who is experiencing the anxiety, as well as the people closest to that person. At times anxiety comes screaming at us in the form of a panic attack or a phobic reaction. Research shows repeatedly that a cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) approach is highly effective in the treatment of anxiety.

With the help of Dr. Perry Bosmajian, Dr. Mannis in Frederick, MD has augmented the basic CBT approach to refine its tenants to what they call the “authentic voice.” The authentic voice, when discovered and used, significantly reduces anxious symptoms. This approach also requires the courageous participation of the patient because the authentic voice directly challenges the underlying foundation to anxiety.

The patient must first understand why they are anxious. With this knowledge the patient learns how to summon their own authentic voice. Dr. Mannis of Frederick, MD facilitates this process by helping the patient discover 'the four pillars of courageous authenticity'. This is accomplished in a nonjudgmental environment of acceptance and understanding. With these pillars in place, the patient learns how to be their own, true, authentic self. With the discovery and use of the authentic voice, anxiety is effectively confronted and its symptoms greatly reduced or remediated.