Self Actualization

The term self actualization is a very broad one. It can be used to cover a wide variety of issues.

It is Dr. Mannis’ belief that each one of us has an innate potential that longs to be realized. This potential is unique to ourselves and its realization involves our own Great Quest.

Jung has provided us with the key ingredients to comprehend the unconscious and our relationship to it.

Through an understanding of our own dreams, it is possible to embark upon a journey of great satisfaction and profound inner meaning. The Great Quest is not to be taken lightly. For once embarked upon, it is often difficult to abandon the journey. It can be a perilous and difficult to say the least but the rewards are significant. But a successful journey into the Quest and its return, can bring enormous satisfaction to one’s life.

This is a journey in which one comes to challenge the shadow and attempt a relationship with one’s soul. Frequently the Great Quest is an endeavor for one’s second half of life, but not always. It is Dr. Mannis’ honor to assist and witness a patient’s journey into the Great Quest.