Midlife Crisis

Think about it. If midlife is defined by the time from 35 years old to 55 years old, those 20 years spans a lot of adult living. During those 20 years many aspects of our adult lives come under scrutiny, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps our career isn't working out or we are dissatisfied by a marriage partner or a lover.

Issues of effective parenting are also likely to come to the fore during this time. Or perhaps, that very difficult question of "what does it all mean," becomes increasingly vexing. Dr. Mannis' approach to these midlife questions is to take them very seriously. He eschews a judgmental approach to these problems, as that approach only disconnects us from others as well as most importantly, ourselves.

There are no easy, pat answers to midlife questions. Rather a process of introspection and self-discovery is required to satisfactorily answer these questions.

Using dreams, symbols, and self-understanding through an essential dialogue with Dr. Mannis and yourself, satisfactory answers can be found. With a depth approach these answers both nourish the soul and those we love around us.