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Many people say that when a marriage deteriorates to the point of marriage counseling (requiring the intervention of a third party) what is the point?
But perhaps to find vigor and enthusiasm for their marriage, a couple must go to their bottom. Dr. Mannis finds this point to be a psycho-therapeutic challenge, as well as a genuine opportunity.

If one partner is done, or has an active lover in their life, and they are just going through the motions, please don't contact Dr. Mannis.
What's required for marriage counseling is the concordance of both partners, who are willing to grow, and listen respectfully to their partner. Additionally each partner must look courageously at their own shadow. Dr. Mannis emphasizes an environment without judgment - one that allows and respects two different perspectives, and helps to bridge the gap between.

This then becomes the starting point. It is virtually useless to try to prove the other person either wrong or bad, in a judgmental environment. Rather the point is to acknowledge and respect the other person's point of view. From those two different perspectives, Dr. Mannis of Frederick, MD attempts to help the couple build a bridge of mutuality, grounded in a respect that lovingly allows a different point of view. At the same time a common ground of trust and love is forged in the crucible of the marriage counseling. It is hard work, but the restoration of the marriage is perhaps the most important task any couple can face. And it can be done.

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