Ars Nova: Understanding the Alchemical Mystery in the Age of Aquarius

Ars Nova: Understanding the Alchemical Mystery in the Age of Aquarius” heralds a new age of consciousness for mankind. Using the alchemical paradigm as its basis, Ars Nova explores a burgeoning consciousness that has become available to today’s man or woman. No longer does one require a retort, base metals or a fluency in obscure Latin words. With Carl Jung’s incredible articulation of unconscious processes, each man and woman today can explore the precise mysteries of the old alchemists’ world. Ars Nova is about a new stage of conscious individuation known as the verido. This new consciousness is heralded by the Age of Aquarius, the next zodiacal millennium our earth is moving into. Using alchemy, dreams, synchronicity and mystery this new consciousness can be accessed by all of us today, rather than the exceptionally elite of the middle ages. All that is required of today’s alchemist is an understanding and appreciation for the experiential mysteries of the unconscious. By finding one’s aesthetic It, developing It, honing It, and living one’s aesthetic, today’s alchemist can partake in the grandeur of the Philosopher’s Stone. It is this unique alchemical gold that the philosophers of yore so desperately sought. By finding one’s true aesthetic and following It throughout one’s life, a remarkable door opens to the verido of the other side. Once this door is open, a deeply meaningful experience of confirmation is attained. This affirmation from the verido within is completely independent of collective approbation, sanction or judgement. This remarkable experience is difficult to articulate in words. Suffice it to say that the adept will know, without question. The latter day alchemist will be quite satisfied by the meaning of the journey and its ability to enhance the quality of life itself.

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Traveling light through the Cosmos

This book begins by offering a story of a rich and unique friendship, and then the friendship introduces ideas and concepts of a life that you might not have considered. It is a wonderful mental journey back to the days of the 1960s and 70s. It is a touching story of a man's friendship with a secure, inquisitive and happy couple and the woman's father. It is also a wonderful introduction into how satisfy our search for meaning in our individual lives. The chapters alternate between stories of the mundane world and the world that holds the cosmos itself. The juxtaposition is refreshing and intriguing! The final chapters provide a theory about human existence and human meaning that will stay with you long after you finish reading the last page. If you are atuned to moments of synchronicity, are interested in Jungian psychology, Gestalt therapy, or are seeking your own timeless, thoroughly satisfying answers to the meaning of your life and the lives of others, you will find much to like in this book.


Star Rating: ★★★★★

An Outstanding Achievement

The book provides a recondite but yet accessible guide to an ancient but misunderstood domain: alchemy. While many people think alchemy is a pseudo-scientific forerunner of chemistry, the author educates us about its psychological and spiritual profundity. Predicated generally on Carl Jung's theory of alchemy, but fraught with great personal insight and experience, this book is a valuable "guide to the perplexed" in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Douglas A. Powell

Star Rating: ★★★★★

excellent - not for the simple mind

For the one who likes to think and get those brain cells going, this is good reading. The in between little love story is a nice touch. The poems are fine, they are rather basic. They could have been refreshing and the idea is good but the content of them was mostly sad and not uplifting.
The actual real subject of the book is interestingly explained. I understand it as exploring our subconscious mind to find the door to the "other world". A world of a different quality of life - thought of to be a better one. Throughout the book, here and there it can start to get confusing, the author then quickly offers a basic explanation. I still had to look up a few words to fully understand their meaning but never the less - this is an amazing, mind opening book. I read it twice - the second time leaving the love story and poems out and actually soaking in the "ARS NOVA" chapters.
This book is just a small step in finding the way to this special door, but a nice guidance for any one that actually is able to understand and is interested in this so ancient and then so current search into the human mind and soul.


Star Rating: ★★★★★

Creative expression at its best! I truely loved this book.

This is the most remarkable book I have EVER read. Really amazing. I am still processing the impact of this work of art. It is one of those books that I became so immersed in that I felt a deep sense of loss when it ended. This book is part biographical narrative, melded with poetry and embedded in an erudite discourse about alchemical philosophy. If any single part of the text starts to overwhelm or hinder your thought process you can skip to the next without losing the experience the book aims to provide. I found that I was fascinated by the story of Bosco and Moriah and often needed to pass over parts the philosophical text because I yearned to read more about their journey. After I finished the sections about Bosco and Moriah I read the philosophical passages and was fascinated. This is a book that will become part of my permanent collection and I will be revisiting it for years to come. This book is at times heavy reading (the philosophical parts) but sprinkled throughout are references to music that I love - such as the Grateful Dead. Some of the poems brought tears to my eyes and I was deeply touched by the story of Bosco and Moriah. If you are looking to enhance your understanding of your Self or the meaning of your life - read this book.

E. Lines

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Some parts were excellent, but others a little to out there.

Written for the psych professional...which I am not.

Good Simon

Star Rating: ★★★

Great read, highly recommend.

d'brickashaw ferguson

Star Rating: ★★★★★