Confidentiality Statement

For confidential purposes, under no circumstances do I enter, transfer or store any patient records on electronic devices or services. My practice strictly uses a paper-only system, therefore, contact must be made via telephone or in-office.

My Commitment

The issue of confidentiality in today’s society is no small matter. Evergreen Psychology is absolutely committed to the confidentiality of all its patients. Due to the sophistication of electronic data and its vulnerability to Internet piracy, Evergreen Psychology has adopted a policy of no electronic data exchange. The confidential records of its patients and their identity are of the utmost importance to Evergreen. Therefore, no emails, texts, or other means of electronic communication will be either received or sent by Evergreen Psychology.

Communication Methods

Consequently, all communication will occur by secure, land line telephones or personal interaction. The transfer of clinical records will only be accomplished by personal exchange. This personal exchange ensures the confidentiality of each patient and respects the rights of privacy. Please do not attempt to communicate with us by anything other than the telephone, personal interaction, or mail service.